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Rock physics packages

The packages in this area are available for download by CRGC Industry Partners only.

  1. Anisotropic Effective-Medium Modelling
    This set of functions is used for anisotropic effective-medium modelling. Each function in this package has a description, explanations of inputs and outputs, and a list of relevant references.
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  2. Dispersion in porous rocks with fractures
    This is a set of Matlab script packages related to the dispersion in porous rocks with fractures, studied in a PhD project by Junxin Guo.
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  3. Granular Media
    The script CN_Contactsurfacearea.m computes coordination number (CN) and contact surface area of a grain from a 3D micro-CT image of a granular pack.
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  4. Green functions in poroeleastic media
    Matlab script package for Green’s functions and radiation patterns in poroelastic solids.
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  5. Isotropic effective medium models
    Matlab scripts for effective medium models for ellipsoidal inclusions.
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  6. Partial Saturation
    This package compares the results of 1D and 3D random patchy saturation models with time-lapse log data for Nagaoka CO2 geosequestration experiment.
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