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The Centre for Exploration Geophysics (CEG) enables our world-class research in cost effective subsurface monitoring and characterisation using novel methods such as Distributed Acoustic Sensing and new rock physics experimental configurations.

The Centre builds on our current strengths in the following areas:

  • theoretical and experimental rock physics
  • borehole and surface seismic methods
  • inversion of seismic data for exploration and safe development of natural resources
  • near-surface geophysics for engineering and geotechnical solutions
  • geophysical reservoir characterisation and monitoring
  • hydrogeophysics
  • geophysical instrumentation

The CEG is the largest exploration geophysics academic research group in Australia and leads the way in CO2 geosequestration research and resources exploration using seismic methods. It is also a key provider of hydrogeophysics research in Australia, contributing to water sustainability.

The Centre has a strong commercialisation track record and continues to attract substantial industry funding, which provides economic benefits to all our industry partners.