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30/11/2023 – 2023 CRGC Annual Meeting Approaching

Venue: Novotel Vines Resort Swan Valley, Verdelho Dr, The Vines WA 6069

  • The venue is reachable by car within 45-minute drive from Perth City Centre, and 35-minute drive from Perth Airport.
  • For sponsors joining in-person, it is recommended to stay at the same venue.

The annual meeting information are updated on the consortium webpage.

04/08/2023 – 2023 CRGC Annual Meeting Dates Announced

The 2023 CRGC Annual Meeting is going to be held on 5-7 December 2023.

01/01/2023 – Prof Roman Pevzner and Prof Maxim Lebedev Named Honorary Lecturers for SEG Honorary Lecture Program 2023

Professor Roman Pevzner and Professor Maxim Lebedev were selected as Distinguished Lecturers for SEG’s 2023 SEG Honorary Lecture Program, which is viewed as a major honour and recognition of excellence by the SEG.

This recognition values individual’s scientific contributions and applications in geophysics. Being an Honorary lecturer is also an active effort to promote geophysics, stimulating general scientific and professional interest, expanding technical horizons, and providing a connection to SEG activities and practices… Read more

06/09/2021 – Curtin Geophysics has received funding from The Global Innovation Linkages Program to conduct research into Broadband fibre optic sensing for subsurface resource characterisation. Congratulations to Roman and the team!

Read More…

29/06/2021 – MinEx CRC Education Program: PhD Geophysics Scholarships

As a part of the MinEx CRC Education Program, we have two PhD scholarships available within our Exploration Geophysics Discipline: Passive seismic methods for mineral exploration, and Improvement of distributed acoustic sensing data processing.

MinEx CRC will use its unique position as a CRC to provide a nexus between industry and university research that will add value for postgraduate research students working on the program’s projects.

The program will offer a voluntary mentoring scheme for research students with senior industry staff, and will financially support internships within mining companies, geological surveys or METS companies during the student’s research activities.

At the annual conference the program will also provide every postgraduate research student with oral and poster presentation opportunities, as well as networking opportunities with industry representatives.

See the MinEx CRC Education Program website for further information.

On the 29th of April 2021, the CO2CRC announced the successful completion of the Stage 3 Injection Phase where CO2 was safely injected into a saline formation 1.5 km below ground at the Otway International Test Centre (OITC) in Nirranda South, Victoria.

The field program commenced in 2020 under challenging circumstances, with the main field survey in March 2020 interrupted by state border closures. However, the program was successfully completed using remotely controlled operations. This was an outstanding success, as acknowledged in a letter from David Byers (CEO) and Martin Ferguson AM (Chair) of CO2CRC Ltd.

BHP officially joined the Curtin Reservoir Geophysics Consortium (CRGC) as a new Industry Partner on the 18th of March 2021.

On the 11th of March, PhD student Roman Isaenkov was awarded the Curtin Reservoir Geophysics Consortium Sponsors’ Prize for Best Student Presentation, which he presented at the CRGC Annual Meeting 2020. His talk was about permanent continuous time-lapse seismic reservoir monitoring for CO2 geosequestration.

Research Assistant Yongyang Sun received a commendation letter from the Chancellor of Curtin University on the 3rd of March for his PhD thesis titled “Modeling the effect of liquid and solid infill on elastic moduli, dispersion and attenuation in porous media”. Congratulations to Yongyang Sun and his supervisor, John Curtin Distinguished Professor Boris Gurevich.

Curtin CRGC Researcher Dr Konstantin Tertyshnikov was promoted to Senior Research Fellow on the 1st Jan 2021. Congratulations on this achievement!

Researcher Dr. Sinem Yavuz was promoted from Research Associate to Research Fellow on the 1st Jan 2019. Congratulations on this achievement!