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Geophysics Research Group

We are a dedicated team of highly respected professional researchers and trainers with extensive expertise in a wide range of geophysical technologies and applications.


Boris Gurevich, John Curtin Distinguished Professor


Brett Harris, Professor, Exploration Geophysics Discipline Lead
Andrej Bona, Professor
Michael Carson, Research Fellow
Maxim Lebedev, Professor
Vassili Mikhaltsevitch, Senior Research Fellow
Hoang Nguyen, Research Fellow
Andrew Pethick, Research Fellow
Roman Pevzner, Professor
Pavel Shashkin, Research Fellow
Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Research Fellow
Stephanie Vialle, Senior Research Fellow
Alexey Yurikov, Research Fellow
Sinem Yavuz, Research Fellow
Sasha Ziramov,  Lecturer


Aimee Calkin, Teaching Support Officer
Murray Hehir, Technician
Dominic Howman, Senior Technical Officer
Lee Ignacio, Senior Technical Officer
Robert Verstandig, Senior Technologist


Mohammed Aldakheel, MPhil Student
André Calazans Matos de Souza, PhD Student
Alexander Costall, PhD Student
Lorraine Crockford, MPhil Student
Aleksandar Džunic, PhD Student
Olga Filiptsova, PhD Student
Roman Isaenkov, PhD Student
Jiabin Liang, PhD Student
Snezana Petrovic, PhD Student
Anastasia Pirogova, PhD Student
Sofya Popik, PhD Student
Zixing Qin, PhD Student
Seda Rouxel, PhD Student
Bibirabea Sedaghat, PhD Student
Sergey Shevchenko, PhD Student
Evgenii Sidenko, PhD Student
Yongyang Sun, PhD Student
Bryce Teo, PhD Student
Sasha Ziramov, PhD Student
Sana Zulic, MPhil Student


Dr. Cedric Griffiths, Adjunct Professor
Dr. David Johnston, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Milovan Urosevic, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Christian Dupuis, Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Anousha Hashemi, Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Donald Pridmore, Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Alexander Kostyukevych, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Dr Stanislav Glubokovskikh, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Andrew Squelch, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Yevhen Kovalyshen, Visiting Academic
Mr. Victor Dent, Visiting Researcher