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Consortium resources

This area contains a selection of scripts, software and research data developed or produced within the Centre for Exploration Geophysics for the CRGC.

These downloads are restricted to current industry partners only and are available via the CRGC members area. If you would like to become an industry partner with the the CRGC, please contact us. You can find the latest information about our CRGC industry partner program here.

New data will be uploaded here as it becomes available.

Rock physics packages

  1. Anisotropic effective-medium modelling
    This set of functions is used for anisotropic effective-medium modelling. Each function in this package has a description, explanations of inputs and outputs, and a list of relevant references.
  2. Dispersion in porous rocks with fractures
    A set of Matlab script packages related to the dispersion in porous rocks with fractures, studied in a PhD project by Junxin Guo.
  3. Granular media
    A Matlab script that computes coordination number (CN) and contact surface area of a grain from a 3D micro-CT image of a granular pack.
  4. Green functions in poroeleastic media
    A Matlab script package for Green’s functions and radiation patterns in poroelastic solids.
  5. Isotropic effective medium models
    Matlab scripts for effective medium models for ellipsoidal inclusions.
  6. Partial saturation
    A package compares the results of 1D and 3D random patchy saturation models with time-lapse log data for Nagaoka CO2 geosequestration experiment.