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3rd International Workshop on Rock Physics

The 3rd International Workshop on Rock Physics was held from the 13th to the 17th April 2015 in Perth, Western Australia. The aim of the Workshop was to review recent advances in theoretical, experimental, computational and applied rock physics and to help steer future research. A big “Thank you!” to all who attended and helped make the Workshop a great success.

The Workshop had 107 participants in total. These included 28 students, 39 from academia, 22 from industry and 18 from national and international research centres. The participants represented 19 countries (number of people is given in brackets): Australia (37), Canada (3), China (16), Czech Republic (1), Denmark (5), France (4), Germany (2), Indonesia (2), Italy (1), Japan (1), New Zealand (2), Norway (8), Russia (2), Singapore (1), Switzerland (2), Taiwan (1), UAE (2), UK (6) and the USA (10).

At the end of the proceedings, a vote by the Workshop attendees decided that the next International Workshop on Rock Physics will be held in Trondheim, Norway, in the summer of 2017. The workshop will be organized by Professor Rune Holt of SINTEF and NTNU.

Rottnest attendees
Workshop participants during the field trip to the Rottnest Island, 15 April 2015

3IWRP Download Package

This package contains the following data:

  1. The Workshop Technical Program in PDF format
  2. All available conference presentations abstracts in PDF format
  3. All available conference poster abstracts in PDF format

Download the 3IWRP Publications Package

Field Trip, Wednesday 15 April 2015
Rottnest Island Day Trip (with optional bicycle, helmet and lock hire)

A leisure networking trip to Rottnest Island was booked for the Workshop participants.

Rottnest Island is located just off the coast of Western Australia. It has many beautiful beaches and roads, which are closed to private cars and are ideal for bicycle rides around the Island.

Science committee

Boris Gurevich, Curtin University/CSIRO
Tobias Müller, CSIRO

Andre Gerhardt, Woodside
Dave Dewhurst, CSIRO
Christoph Arns, UNSW Australia

Rune Holt, Norway SINTEF
Angus Best, Southampton Oceanography Centre

Colin Sayers, Schlumberger
Luca Duranti, Chevron
Lucia Dillon, Petrobras

Mark Sams, Ikon Science
Hong Cao, RIPED, PetroChina

Local committee

Eva Caspari, University of Lausanne
Claudio Delle Piane, CSIRO
Maxim Lebedev, Curtin University
Vassili Mikhaltsevitch, Curtin University
Marina Pervukhina, CSIRO
Joel Sarout, CSIRO

Conference contacts

If you have any general questions or require further information on the conference, please contact us via e-mail at:

Primary contacts

Prof. Boris Gurevich
Exploration Geophysics
Curtin University

Dr. Tobias Müller
Petroleum Geoscience

Other contacts

Ben Clennell, CSIRO
Claudio Dellepiane, CSIRO
David Dewhurst, CSIRO
Andre Gerhardt, Woodside
Boris Gurevich, Curtin University
Eva Caspari, Curtin University
Maxim Lebedev, Curtin University
Mahyar Madadi, Curtin University
Vassili Mikhaltsevitch, Curtin University
Joel Sarout, CSIRO
Marina Pervukhina, CSIRO

Workshop Sponsors