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2021 CRGC Annual Meeting

The 2021 Curtin Reservoir Geophysics Consortium Annual Meeting was held in hybrid mode (in-person and online) from the 1st to the 3rd of December over three afternoons from 12:15pm to 6pm.

For further information please visit the CRGC webpage.



Day 1 – 1st December 2021

13:00 13:15 0:15 – Roman Pevzner, Time-lapse seismic signal from small CO2 injection and where to find it: Roman Pevzner, Roman Isaenkov, Sinem Yavuz, Pavel Shashkin, Alexey Yurikov, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Boris Gurevich, Julia Correa, Stanislav Glubokovskikh, Todd Wood, Barry Freifeld, Paul Barraclough.

13:15 13:40 0:25 – Roman Isaenkov, Advanced time-lapse processing of continuous DAS VSP data for plume evolution monitoring: Roman Isaenkov, Roman Pevzner, Sinem Yavuz, Pavel Shashkin, Alexey Yurikov, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Boris Gurevich, Julia Correa, Stanislav Glubokovskikh, Todd Wood, Barry Freifeld, Paul Barraclough .

13:40 14:05 0:25 – Alexey Yurikov, Seismic monitoring of CO2 geosequestration using 4D DAS VSP: Alexey Yurikov, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Roman Isaenkov, Evgenii Sidenko, Sinem Yavuz, Stanislav Glubokovskikh, Paul Barraclough, Pavel Shashkin, and Roman Pevzner.

14:05 14:30 0:25 – Roman Pevzner, Monitoring CO2 injection using direct wave amplitudes and travel times: Roman Pevzner, Stanislav Glubokovskikh, Roman Isaenkov, Pavel Shashkin, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Sinem Yavuz, Boris Gurevich, Julia Correa, Todd Wood, Barry Freifeld.

14:30 14:55 0:25 – Sinem Yavuz, Monitoring near-surface variations using borehole DAS and SOVs: Sinem Yavuz, Roman Isaenkov, Roman Pevzner, Boris Gurevich, Alexey Yurikov, Pavel Shaskin, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Julia Correa, Todd Wood, Barry Freifeld.

14:55 15:15 0:20 – Session Discussion.

15:15 15:20 0:05 – Tea Break.

15:20 15:45 0:25 – Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Effects of Cable Deployment Method on DAS VSP Data Quality: Study at CO2CRC Otway in-situ Laboratory: Roman Pevzner, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Evgenii Sidenko, Sinem Yavuz.

15:45 16:10 0:25 – Evgenii Sidenko, Thermal effects on DAS data caused by water injection: Evgenii Sidenko, Roman Pevzner, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Maxim Lebedev.

16:10 16:35 0:25 – Evgenii Sidenko, DAS response to changes in reservoir pressure: Evgenii Sidenko, Roman Pevzner, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Boris Gurevich.

16:35 17:20 0:45 – General Discussion.

Day 2 – 2nd December 2021

13:00 13:25 0:25 – Stanislav Glubokovskikh, Continuous DAS measurements in a deep borehole provides new insights into the generation of the coastal microseisms: Stanislav Glubokovskikh, Roman Pevzner , Evgenii Sidenko , Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Boris Gurevich , Sergey Shatalin , Alexey Slunyaev, Efim Pelinovsky.

13:25 13:50 0:25 – Boris Gurevich, Probing nonlinear elastic properties of the subsurface using seismic waves: Theory & experiment, Boris Gurevich, Valeriya Shulakova, Alexey Yurikov, Roman Pevzner, Konstantin Tertyshnikov.

13:50 14:15 0:25 – Alexey Yurikov, Feasibility of reservoir monitoring using nonlinear seismic effects measured by downhole distributed acoustic sensors: Alexey Yurikov, Roman Isaenkov, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Boris Gurevich, Evgenii Sidenko, Stanislav Glubokovskikh, Valeriya Shulakova, Barry Freifeld, Julia Correa, Todd Wood and Roman Pevzner.

14:15 14:40 0:25 – Evgenii Sidenko, Feasibility of rapid reverse VSP monitoring of shallow CO2 release: Evgenii Sidenko, Stanislav Glubokovskikh, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Roman Pevzner.

14:40 15:00 0:20 – Session Discussion

15:00 15:15 0:15 – Tea Break

15:15 15:40 0:25 – Roman Isaenkov, Effects of source mispositioning on VSP data repeatability: Roman Isaenkov, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Ruben Lopez Lema, Roman Pevzner.

15:40 16:05 0:25 – Sana Zulic, Comparison of amplitude measurements on borehole geophone and DAS data: Sana Zulic, Evgenii Sidenko, Alexey Yurikov, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Andrej Bona, Roman Pevzner.

16:05 16:50 0:45 – General Discussion.

Day 3 – 3rd December 2021

13:00 13:25 0:25 – Andrej Bona, Land seismic with DAS – update: Andrej Bona, Roman Pevzner, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Alexey Yurikov, Pavel Shashkin.

13:25 13:50 0:25 – Sana Zulic, Subsurface characterization using Full Waveform Inversion of VSP data: Example from the Curtin GeoLab well: Sana Zulic, Andrej Bona, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Alexey Yurikov, Roman Pevzner.

13:50 14:15 0:25 – Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Where on Curtin University campus is the dark fibre?: Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Sinem Yavuz, Alexey Yurikov, Roman Isaenkov, Evengii Sidenko, Andrej Bona, Roman Pevzner.

14:15 14:35 0:20 – Session Discussion.

14:35 14:50 0:15 – Tea Break.

14:50 15:15 0:25 – Maxim Lebedev, An apparatus to measure the dynamic Young’s and Shear moduli of rocks at elevated pressures at seismic frequencies: Maxim Lebedev, Vassili Mikhaltsevich.

15:15 15:40 0:25 – Alexey Yurikov, Laboratory measurements with DAS: A fast and sensitive tool to obtain elastic properties at seismic frequencies: Alexey Yurikov, Roman Pevzner, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Vassili Mikhaltsevitch, Boris Gurevich, Maxim Lebedev.

15:40 16:05 0:25 – Jiabin Liang, Multi-mineral segmentation of micro-tomographic images using a convolutional neural network: Jaibin Liang, Yongyang Sun, Maxim Lebedev, Boris Gurevich, Michel Nzikou, Stephanie Vialle, Stanislav Glubokovskikh.

16:05 16:30 0:25 – Jiabin Liang, High-precision tracking of sandstone deformation from micro-CT images: Jiabin Liang, Maxim Lebedev, Boris Gurevich, Christoph Arns, Stephanie Vialle, Stanislav Glubokovskikh.

16:30 17:15 0:45 – General Discussion.