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2017 CRGC Annual General Meeting

Bunbury Entertainment Centre, Thursday 30 of November and Friday 1 of December 2017


Pirogova, A., B. Gurevich, R. Pevzner, and S. Glubokovskikh, 2017, Separation of 1D scattering and inelastic attenuation factors by wavefield inversion of borehole seismic measurements: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

Urosevic, M., S. Ziramov, R. Pevzner, K. Tertyshnikov, D. Popik, and A. Feitz, 2017, Fault Characterisation from an Ultra-high-resolution Seismic for CO2 Injection Experiment: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Correa, J., L.V. Zaanen, K. Tertyshnikov, R. Pevzner, T. Dean, and A. Bona, 2017, DAS Versus Geophones: A Quantitative Comparison of a VSP Survey at a Dedicated Field Laboratory: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Tertyshnikov, K., R. Pevzner, and M. Urosevic,2017, 3D and Multi-Offset VSP imaging for Southwest Hub Project: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

Pevzner, R., and K. Tertyshnikov, 2017,Time-Lapse VSP imaging for Otway Project: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

Correa, J., D. Popik, K. Tertyshnikov, R. Pevzner, A. Bona, and B. Freifeld, 2017, Seismic monitoring capabilities of fibre-optics DAS and future outlook: an example from CO2CRC Otway Project: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

Egorov, A., A. Bona, R. Pevzner, and S. Glubokovskikh,2017, FWI for Vertical Seismic Profile geometries: a time-lapse example and an application to Distributed Acoustic Sensor data: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

Glubokovskikh, S., and J. Gunning, 2017, Time-lapse quantitative interpretation for the Otway Project: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

Gurevich, B., 2017, Fluid substitution for effective porosity: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Guo, J., D. Shuai, J. Wei, P. Ding, and B. Gurevich, 2017, P-wave dispersion and attenuation due to scattering by aligned fluid saturated cracks with finite thickness: Theory and experiment: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Gurevich, B., and G. Gor, 2017, Applicability of Gassmann equation to nano-porous materials: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Lebedev, M., 2017, Highlights of Curtin’s experimental rock physics research: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Mikhaltsevitch, V., M. Lebedev, and B. Gurevich, 2017, Laboratory measurements of elastic anisotropy in Wellington shale at seismic frequencies: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Vialle, S., and M. Lebedev, 2017, Nano-indentation tests in rock physics: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Yurikov, A., M. Lebedev, and B. Gurevich, 2017, Deformation and Elastic Weakening of a Sandstone with Water Adsorption: 2017 CRGC AGM Presentations.


Ahmed, Z., and M. Lebedev, 2017, Elastic parameters of
the grain inverted from ultrasonic measurement of
unconsolidated sands: CRGC 2017 AGM Poster.

Beloborodov, R., M. Pervukhina, and M. Lebedev, 2017, The compaction trends of elastic properties and permeability in shales: CRGC 2017 AGM Poster.

Cauchefert, M., M. Josh, and M. Lebedev, 2017, Impact of artificially matured organic matter on the dielectric and elastic properties of
compacted shales: CRGC 2017 AGM Poster.

Fu, B., and L. Fu, 2017, Poro-acoustoelastic constants based on Padé approximation: CRGC 2017 AGM Poster.

N. Nourifard, and M. Lebedev, 2017, Effect of strain amplitude produced by ultrasonic wave on its velocity: CRGC 2017 AGM Poster.

Nzikou, M. M., B. Gurevich, and M. Lebedev, 2017, Inversion of ultrasonic waveform measurements using P- or S-wave transducers: CRGC 2017 AGM Poster.

Pirogova, A., A. Yurikov, R. Pevzner, B. Gurevich, and S. Vlasov, 2017, Effect of finely-layered stiff carbonates on a seismic response; Northern Carnarvon basin synthetic study: CRGC 2017 AGM Poster.

Popik, D., and R. Pevzner, 2017, Repeatability analysis and time-lapse seismic processing for Otway Project: CRGC 2017 AGM Poster. (NFP)

Sun, Y., J. Guo, S. Glubokovskikh, M. Lebedev, and B. Gurevich, 2017, Solid Substitute: theory and experiments: CRGC 2017 AGM Poster.

NFP: Confidential data/information; Not For Publication