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2015 CRGC Annual General Meeting

Rottnest Island Lodge, Thursday 3 and Friday 4 December 2015


Bóna, A., and R. Pevzner, 2015, Imaging of diffractors: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Khoshnavaz, M. J., A. Bóna, and M. Urosevic, 2015, Velocity-independent estimation of kinematic attributes in VTI medium using local slopes and predictive painting: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Lebedev, M., 2015, Laboratory overview: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Collet, O., M. Lebedev, A. Bóna, and B. Gurevich, 2015, Laboratory measurements of stress-induced anisotropy: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Madadi, M., C. Cui, A. Bóna, and B.Gurevich, 2015, Anisotropy estimation using scaled down seismic 3D survey in laboratory.: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Vialle, S., and M. Lebedev, 2015, Quantitative microstructure characterisation and elastic properties upscaling of carbonate rocks: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Mikhaltsevitch V., M. Lebedev, and B. Gurevich, 2015, Advances in seismic-frequency laboratory measurements on sandstones and shales: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Gurevich, B., S. Glubokovskikh, and N. Saxena, 2015, A Simple Recipe For Solid Substitution at Low Frequencies and Application to Heavy Oil Rocks: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Glubokovskikh, S., B. Gurevich, M. Lebedev, and V. Mikhaltsevitch, 2015, Stress-Dependence of Elastic Properties of Rock Containing Finite Cracks with Contacting Surfaces: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Pevzner, R., K. Tertyshnikov, S. Shulakova, M. Urosevic, A. Kepic, and B. Gurevich, 2015, Design and Deployment of a Buried Geophone Array for CO2: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

Glubokovskikh, S., R. Pevzner, T. Dance, E. Caspari, D. Popik, A. Shulakova, and B. Gurevich, 2015, Seismic monitoring of CO2 geosequestration: CO2CRC Otway case study using full 4D FDTD approach: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

Egorov, A., S. Glubokobskikh, A. Bóna, R. Pevzner, B. Gurevich, 2015, Influence of Rough Sea Surface on Sea Surface Reflections: Deep Towed High-resolution Marine Seismic Case: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Harris, B., A. Kepic, K. Tertyshnikov, M. Hehir, and R. Pevzner, 2015, A distributed acoustic sensor VSP experiment at the Curtin/NGL training and research well: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Pirogova, A., B. Gurevich, S. Glubokovskikh, 2015, Feasibility study of Q-inversion from zero-offset VSP and sonic log: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Beloborodov, R., M. Pervukhina, V. Luzin, C. Delle Piane, M. Lebedev, 2015, Compaction of quartz-kaolinite mixtures: effects of elongated inclusions and composition of pore fluid on elastic properties: 2015 CRGC AGM Presentations.


Khoshnavaz, M. J., A. Bóna, M. Urosevic, Microseismic location without velocity model; application and uncertainty analysis.

Yurikov, A., M. Lebedev, Ultrasonic measurements on thin samples.

Ahmed, Z., M. Lebedev, M. Madadi, Inverting dynamic elastic moduli of rock powders for shear modulus of the grains.

Vialle, S., M. Alhosni, Estimation of nonelastic weakening of the rock frame using time-lapse crosswell: Frio brine pilot project case study.

Ziramov, S., Analysis of “nested” high resolution 3D seismic volume within the existing regional 3D survey area at Harvey, WA. (NFP)

Dzunic, A., 2D2RL©—Introducing 3rd dimension into 2D reflective seismic exploration in the complex hard rock environment.

NFP: Not For Publication; Confidential data/information: abstracts provided where possible