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2014 CRGC Annual General Meeting

Rottnest Island Lodge, Thursday 4 and Friday 5 December 2014


Bona, A., and R. Pevzner, 2014, Passive Diffraction Imaging: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

K. Tertyshnikov, 2014, Diffraction imaging and steered migration of 3D data: Perth Basin case study: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

R. Pevzner, 2014, Substantial attenuation and anisotropy from fine layering: carbonate and coal data examples: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Gurevich, B., and R. Pevzner, 2014, How frequency dependency of Q affects its spectral ratio estimates: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Qiaomu, Q., 2014, Seismic attenuation: effects of interfacial impedance on wave-induced pressure diffusion: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Collet, O., 2014, Anisotropic squirt flow model for stress-induced anisotropy: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Lebedev, M., M. Pervukhina, N. Patrusheva, A. Yurikov, J. Dautriat, V. Shulakova, Y. Uvarova, B. Gurevich, and D. Dewhurst, 2014, Changes in microstructure and elastic properties of organic-rich mancos and kimmeridge shales after pyrolysis: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Mikhaltsevitch, V., M. Lebedev, and B. Gurevich, 2014, A laboratory study of the acoustic parameters of savonnieres limestone: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Vialle, S., 2014, Geophysical signatures of reactions of dissolution in carbonates: experiments and a model to link microstructure and reactive transport of CO2: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Bordes, C., 2014, Evidence of Biot slow wave by seismoelectric measurements: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

Bona, A., M. Lebedev, R. Pevzner, M. Madadi, and B. Gurevich, 2014, Joint inversion of P-, and S-wave travel times for characterisation of anisotropic materials using laser doppler interferometry measurements: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Lebedev, M., 2014, Updates on experimental equipment at department: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Galvin, R., and Boris Gurevich, 2014, Frequency dependent anisotropy of a porous rock with aligned fractures: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Meira, M., 2014, Stochastic inversion of time lapse data : A synthetic example: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Al Hosni, M., B. Gurevich, R. Pevzner, E. Caspari, and T. Daley, 2014, Using time-lapse VSP data to constrain velocity-saturation relations: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Alkaff, M., B. Gurevich, M. Madadi, and R. Pevzner, 2014, Integration of stratigraphic and rock physics models to generate 3D synthetic seismic: 2014 CRGC AGM Presentations.


Bordes, C., 2014, Impact of water saturation on seismoelectric transfer functions: A laboratory study of co-seismic phenomenon: 2014 CRGC AGM Posters.

AL-Towairqi, y., 2014, Quantitative application of post-stack inversion of organic-rich shale based on rock physics linear relationship and 3D seismic data, Perth Basin, Western Australia: 2014 CRGC AGM Posters.

NFP: Not For Publication; Confidential data/information: abstracts provided where possible