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2012 CRGC Annual General Meeting

Rottnest Island Lodge, Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December 2012


Gurevich, B., D. Makarynska, M. Pervukhina, and O. de Paula, 2012, Seismic attenuation and dispersion due to wave induced fluid flow: estimates and bounds: 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Pevzner, R., T. Müller, R. Galvin, and B. Gurevich, 2012, Estimation of attenuation from zero-offset VSP data: CO2CRC Otway Project case study : 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

McBeth, C., 2012, Living in the middle: uniting 4D seismic to well data (Guest Speaker): 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

Pevzner, R., A. Bona, F. Alonaizi, K. Tertyshnikov, and B. Gurevich, 2012, 3D diffraction imaging of linear features and its application to enhance Kirchhoff time migration in the presence of noise : 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Caspari, E., B. Gurevich, and R. Galvin, 2012, Effect of fluid distribution on the seismic response – sensitivity study : 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Madadi, M., 2012, Empirical equation for bulk (and shear moduli) of dry sandstones : 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Pervukhina, M., P. Golodoniuc, B. Gurevich, B. Clennell, D. Dewhurst, and H. Nordgard BolasRock Physics Modelling of Sonic Velocities in Shales(Guest Speaker) : 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Liyun, K., and B. Gurevich, 2012, Effect of fluid on attenuation and dispersion in porous and fractured media : 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Madadi, M., M. Pervukhina, and B. Gurevich, 2012, Modelling elastic anisotropy of dry rocks as a function of applied stress : 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Colet, O., B. Gurevich, M. Madadi, and M. Pervukhina, 2012, Stress induced anisotropy model for triaxially stressed rocks : 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Colet, O., and B. Gurevich, 2012, Fluid dependence of anisotropy parameters in weakly anisotropic porous media : 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Lebedev, M. 2012, Rock Physics Laboratory: overview

Mikhaltsevitch, V., M. Lebedev, and B. Gurevich, 2012, Laboratory measurements of the mechanical properties of sandstone flooded with supercritical CO2 at seismic frequencies : 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Bilenko, O., and M. Lebedev, 2012, Laboratory measurements of bulk modulus of CO2 / brine mixture at elevated temperatures and pressures : 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Qi, Q., T. Muller, B. Gurevich, S. Lopez, and M. Lebedev, 2012, Influence of fluid distribution on elastic wave velocities in partially saturated rocks : 2012 CRGC AGM Presentations.


Lopes, S., amd M. Lebedev, 2012, Influence Of Changing the Flow Rate In The Acoustic Response And Saturation During Forced Imbibition In A Limestone : 2012 CRGC AGM Posters.

Caspari, E., T. Muller, B. Gurevich, and G. Rubino, 2012, Effective hydraulic conductivity in highly inhomogeneous porous media : 2012 CRGC AGM Posters.

Caspari, E., T.. Muller, and B. Gurevich, 2012, Modelling the effect of injected CO2 on the elastic properties of the Paaratte Formation: 2012 CRGC AGM Posters.

Bona, A., M. Madadi, R. Galvin, R. Pevzner, E. Caspari, B. Gurevich, and V. Tcheverda, 2012, Validation of rapid full waveform 3D seismic modelling workflow that uses 1.5D wave propagation : 2012 CRGC AGM Posters.

Lwin, M., 2012, Reconciliation of coal seam sonic logs and laboratory data: 2012 CRGC AGM Posters.

Ziramov, S., 2012, Crooked line seismic processing: 2012 CRGC AGM Posters.

NFP: Not For Publication; Confidential data/information: abstracts will be provided where possible