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2010 CRGC Annual General Meeting

Rottnest Island Lodge, Thursday 9 and Friday 10 December 2010


Andrej Bóna, 2010, Classification of seismic anisotropy: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Maxim Lebedev, Andrej Bóna and Roman Pevzner, 201, 3 Component laboratory ultrasonic measurements: a pathway to elastic anisotropy determination: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Boris Gurevich and Marina Pervukhina, 2010, Comparison of patterns of seismic anisotropy caused by fractures and stress : 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Ali Shaiban, Roman Pevzner and Andrej Bóna, 2010, Seismic anisotropy analysis using VSP data from the CO2CRC Otway Basin Project: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Brett Harris, 2010, Electrical Anisotropy and the Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic Method: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Sofia Alexandra Correia Lopes, Vassili Mikhaltsevitch, and Maxim Lebedev, 2010, Reservoir rock fluid imbibition experiments: complex study using X-ray computer tomography and ultrasonic technique: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Vassili Mikhaltsevitch, Maxim Lebedev, and Boris Gurevich, 2010, A Low-Frequency Laboratory Apparatus for Characterizing Elastic Properties of the Specimen: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Osni Bastos de Paula, Marina Pervukhina, Boris Gurevich, 2010, Testing Gassmann fluid substitution in carbonates: sonic log versus ultrasonic core measurements: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Anton Kepic, 2010, High density land seismic acquisition: developments at Curtin: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Boris Gurevich, Dina Makarynska, Marina Peruvkina and Osni de Paula, 2010, Squirt model without adjustable parameters?: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Roman Pevzner and Jai Kinkela, 2010, Analysis of ground roll repeatability: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Faisal Abdulkader Alonaizi, Roman Pevzner and Andrej Bóna, 2010, Diffraction detection on time-lapse seismic data: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Christopher Juhlin (University of Uppsala, Sweden), 2010, The role of seismic methods for geological storage of CO2 at the CO2SINK project site, Ketzin, Germany: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations. (NFP)

Eva Caspari, Boris Gurevich and Tobias Müller, 2010, Analysis of patchy saturation of CO2 using time lapse sonic logs and rock physics modelling: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Christian Dupuis, 2010, Seismoelectric imaging: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Osni Bastos de Paula, Elmar Strobach, Roman Pevzner, Ricardo Jahnert and Lindsay Collins, 2010, GPR Imaging of Carbonate Sequences in Shark Bay, WA – a Holocene Reservoir Analogous: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.

Andrew Pethick, 2010, Developing Interactive MCSEM Software for Assistance in Field Data Modelling and Inversion: 2010 CRGC AGM Presentations.


Majed AlMalki, Brett Harris and Christian Dupuis, 2010, Multi-frequency full waveform sonic in the screened interval of a large diameter production well: 2010 CRGC AGM Posters.

Jesse-Lee Dimech, Christian Dupuis and Anton Kepic, 2010, Ground coupling tests for better land streamer design (NFP)

Lisa Gavin and Brett Harris, 2010, Integration of long offset and airborne TEM with high resolution seismic reflection for hydrogeology; Northern Perth basin, WA: 2010 CRGC AGM

Konstantin Tertyshnikov, 2010, Overview of EM induced polarisation method for hydrocarbon exploration: 2010 CRGC AGM Posters.

Ali Shaiban, Andrej Bona and Roman Pevzner, 2010, Anisotropy estimation from 3D 3C VSP data: Otway basin: 2010 CRGC AGM Posters.

M. Lebedev, V. Mikhaltsevitch, S. Lopes, and B. Gurevich, 2010, Laboratory Experiments at Curtin University on Otway samples: 2010 CRGC AGM Posters.

NFP: Not For Publication; Confidential data/information: abstracts will be provided where possible