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Deep Exploration Technologies (DET CRC)

The various projects that were completed during this CRC were:

  • 3D seismic exploration for hard rock environments
  • Drilling fluid system for mineral exploration coiled tube drilling
  • Fast track of instrumented core barrel
  • In front of bit imaging
  • Joint inversion of 3D seismic and magnetotelluric data
  • Next generation drilling systems
  • Ore-body delineation (using borehole seismic techniques for hard rock exploration)
  • Seismic imaging in hard rock environments
  • Seismic while-drilling (SWD) imaging using seismic interferometry
  • Sensors for rapid down-hole rock characterisation
  • Targeting of mineral resources from seismic data

Researchers: Prof. Andrej Bona, Dr. Andrew Greenwood, Prof. Brett Harris, Dr, Mahyar Madadi, Dr. Liliya Malovichko, Prof. Roman Pevzner, Dr. Andrew Pethick, Prof. Milovan Urosevic, Mr. Sasha Ziramov.