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Western Australian Interactive Virtual Environments Centre (IVEC)

IVEC (now the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre) is a research centre supported by federal and state funds and contributions from the four partner institutions, namely CSIRO, Curtin University (CU), Edith Cowan University, and The University of Western Australia (UWA).

IVEC is also part of The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) project which is funded through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) Platforms for Collaboration capability.

IVEC’s central role is to carry out R&D for visualisation and high-performance computing in geosciences.

IVEC’s central node has been established in the Australian Resources Research Centre to serve the CSIRO Division of Exploration and Mining and Geophysics at Curtin. The ARRC node is equipped with a high-performance parallel computer, a state-of-the art immersive visualisation system (the “Wedge”, a cut down version of a CAVE system), and various graphics workstations.

R&D at the ARRC node is focused on (semi-)automatic seismic interpretation techniques, visualisation of seismic and mining data, parallelisation of seismic processing algorithms, and applications of immersive visualisation environments in data visualisation and training.

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